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Discover the new science that points to surprising reasons you are still in pain...and what you can start doing today to get relief.

South Orange Chiropractic Center serving the South Orange NJ area

Are you suffering from pain every day? If you are living with acute or chronic pain lower back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, or sciatica, we understand how hard each day can be.

Pain changes your life, your mood, your relationships, your work. That’s a lot of change to deal with and a lot of misery to live with.

It’s time you had relief from your annoyingly chronic neck pain, sciatica, herniated disc pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, or headaches.

Whether the cause of your pain is an accident, injury, posture challenge, or medical condition, it doesn’t matter. What matters is feeling better, regaining flexibility, and being pain free.

Imagine pain relief and how you’ll feel to finally get your life back?
It’s time to ditch the back pain, the neck pain, the shoulder pain that’s making your life miserable!

If you live in New Jersey and you have pain that impacts your mobility or daily life, the chiropractors at South Orange Chiropractic Center understand and want to help.

We welcome our patients from all over South Orange NJ and the surrounding area. Serving South Orange, Maplewood, Milburn, Summit, and West Orange NJ.

Are you searching for an experienced chiropractor in Maplewood, West Orange, South Orange?  Many of our chiropractic patients live in Maplewood, West Orange, and South Orange, while others travel from nearby New Jersey cities and towns for comprehensive chiropractic care at our Center. (Read our chiropractor reviews here.)

You are the most important person on your chiropractic care team at South Orange Chiropractic Center.

Our chiropractic therapy uses the newest and most effective treatments to help you get relief from your acute or chronic pain. Your chiropractic care treatment plan is customized to your specific pain and mobility issues. Treatment for chronic pain can include chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, as well as at-home back exercises, neck stretches, or shoulder exercises, depending on your particular situation.

Contact us for an appointment today — reach us by email or phone us at 973-761-0022.

Let us help you get back to life as it should be.

Outstanding Services

"Outstanding services, physicians and staff are excellent. I highly recommend their services to all. Friendly, warm and family typed atmosphere makes you feel at home."

Maureen Thomas

Headaches -- Gone!

"I sleep so much better
My headaches are gone!"

West Orange NJ

My first resort

"I no longer need to use my cane!
This should have been my first resort to get well."

Waymond Smith

I Never Felt Better

"I'm off my all my medications!
And yes, I never felt better!"

Gerald M.
South Orange NJ


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Patient Direct

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